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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I decided to change the name of this blog, because everything I do, I hope will one day bring me to a closer walk with the father.  I want to inspire, encourage, teach, leave a good legacy and be a better christian.  It all comes down to why.  Why do I want to inspire others? Because, people in this world today need encouragement and uplifting, instead of being dragged down by media, country crisis, television news, bad movies, and so on.  Why do I want to encourage others?  God says to live for others, not for ourselves.  There are way too many people who are depressed and burdened down by something.  Why do I want to teach?  Because I love helping others learn about something new.  Why do I want to leave a good legacy?  Because, our children are our future and I want my child to be proud of my accomplishments and values.  Why do I want to be a better Christian?  Because, I want to honor God and show respect to him.  I want to earn rewards in Heaven.  I want my light to shine to others.

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