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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I wanted to give you a little humor today.  A happy heart doeth good like a medicine.  If you are from the south, don't get offended, because I was born, and raised in the south.

You are from the south if:

Coveralls is part of your wardrobe.
You say yall instead of you guys.
Burping in part of your normal etiquette.
You pull over to the side of the road to allow a funeral possession to pass.
If you jump into a creek to take a bath.
You check into a hospital for a vacation.
You have to finance a three hundred dollar car.
You go to a bootlegger instead of a liquor store.
You go to town with no shoes on.
You use the same toothbrush all year.
You sell aluminum cans for some extra cash.
You call your grandparents, maw maw and papaw.

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