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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My new book: I told you I would give you more information later.  It is a young adult book.  Hope you all enjoy the read.  I will update you later on release dates and when you can purchase it.

Synopsis of: My Boyfriend the Squire  Copyright 2012

Lucinda is on her way to see her brother Caleb in Italy, when she is transported back in time to the Middle Ages.  She is mistaken for a young princess named Grace.  King Charlemagne has done something to the princess and turned his wife, Countess Hildegarde into a tiger, named Char.  Char prays for deliverance of her daughter, Princess Grace.  Since Lucinda is the spitting image of Princess Grace, she is transported back to help discover the truth of what happened to the real princess.
Lucinda meets a young squire training for his knighthood, name Chadwick.  He falls for Lucinda and helps her in her quest to find Princess Grace and free the hold of the king on Countess Hildegarde.  They defeat the king in his ploy to rid his kingdom of the princess and countess.
Lucinda returns back to the present day to meet Chad, a friend of her brother’s.  She thinks he is Chadwick, but discovers he is one of Chadwick’s ancestors.  They fall in love, but then tragedy strikes.  Can Lucinda and Chad’s love stay strong threw trials of her brother’s death?

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