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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Children's Poems by: Tracy Kauffman

A girl name Pearl

Once there was a little girl,
she was pretty and her name was Pearl,
she was the pride of her mother and dad,
she never did anything bad,
until one day, she saw a doll,
she stole the doll from the mall.
She took it home and hid it well,
To her mom and dad, she never did tell,
Of what she did that very day,
So that night on her bed, she lay,
Feeling sad for what she had done,
For Sin to her was not fun,
she cried that night and couldn’t sleep,
For she knew the doll she couldn’t keep,
So she confessed her sin, the next day,
Afraid of what her parents would say,
They went back to the store that day,
Pulled out some money to pay,
She was glad that they paid for the doll,
then shocked at what she saw,
For her dad gave the doll to another,
So she ran to her mother,
Why did he give away my doll,
Her mother replied, because you broke the law,
Stealing is never a good thing,
because you dishonored the Savior and King.

God is that Shining Light

Star Light Star Bright, God is that shining Light,
God is my protector through the night,
I will abide under his shadow today,
Therefore my day may be pleasant and gay.
Star Light Star Bright, God is that shining Light,
God calmed my fears and held me tight,
My dreams wore pleasant all that I could tell,
God stayed with me and I rested well.

Twinkle Twinkle Golden Light

Twinkle Twinkle Golden Light,
Where are you in heaven tonight,
Do you look upon us today,
And grant us wishes come what may.
Twinkle Twinkle Golden Light,
Guide us through that Silent Night.
Give us happy visions with your light so bright,
Keep us safe with all your might.

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