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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Life of a Writer

The Life of a writer is different than you expect,
Writing stories for joy is much easier than all the rest,
Writing for emotions, love, and heart felt affects,
Busy writing, promoting, no sleep or rest.
We love to use words that move one another,
Words, then phrases, then sentences connected,
A story can take you to lands like no other,
Our desires, hopes, heart is affected.
Fantasy brings to life dragons, magic, and time,
A way to escape troubles, grief, and sorrow,
A story, a novel, and poems that ryme,
Fiction stories, real life events that we borrow.
The life of a writer is hard at times, but also easy,
For we dedicate our time, energy and imagination,
Writing when we are tired and sometimes queasy,
A different galaxy to us, an internal vacation.

a b c d e  words    write    ryme   words that ryme   write ryme words  a b c d e
w    o    r   d   s        w   o    r   l   d   s     c o n n e c t    c o n n e c t e d     wowejoejls
f a n t a s y     f i c t i o n   l o v e   t i m e klPwmeoijeoijeoijwepfwaepEFJEPLWEN

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