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Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year!
This is the time that everyone is thinking about their New Year's resolutions and I have always had trouble with this one.  Not thinking about making new resolutions but by following through with them.  This year I hope I can make a change with this.  I will purpose in my heart to try to do the things I say.  See below for some ideas that I came up with for myself for the new year.

1. Become a better Christian- I hope I can do this not only in word but also in deed.  Hopefully by witnessing, attending church, praying more, reading my Bible more, and giving to others in need.

2. Make a difference in others lives.  I realize this is really going to be the difficult one, because I might not get to see this one in action, therefore I will have to work extra hard to make sure it is done.

3. I want to change things about me that I think needs changing.  You might think this a little strange but let me tell you what I am talking about.  I have trouble with speaking my mind, when I need to remain calm.    My husband and I are completely opposite.  He is quiet and soft spoken and I am loud and forward.  I can be rude but not really trying to be, but my personality comes off that way.  I want to change the way people perceive me.  I think of myself as a kind person that would do a lot for others, but I know my attitude definitely speaks different at times.

Anyway this is not a promise to do, but goals that I wish to achieve.  I know that no one should promise to do anything that they cannot follow through.  Many promises are broken daily that shouldn't have been made in the first place.  Please don't ever say that you are going to do something for someone and not do it. They may really depend on you.  See I am already working on #3 because I said "Please" instead of "You better not".

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