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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Closer Walk

A Closer Walk- A inspiration book of religious poetry written to encourage and uplift the Christian believer.  It started as a Bible Study lesson and was converted in poems recently.  Poems brings enjoyment to the soul.  A Closer Walk will help you in your spiritual walk with your Heavenly Father.  It offers instruction, guidance, words of encouragement.  Topics include Love, The Cross, Jesus, Angels, grace, prayer, peace and so much more. 

Here is one of the poems:


God gives his angels charge over us,

to keep us safe from harmful things.

They will cover you with their wings,

when you dash your foot and sigh.

They are always close by.

They minister to us when we need them,

and they raise us up when we fall.

They surround us daily and stand tall.

When you close your eyes and cry,

they are always close by.

The angels were there when Jesus was born,

and at Calvary, when Jesus was hung on a cross.

They couldn’t stand to watch him suffer and morn,

When the end drew nigh.

The angels were close by.

The angels rejoice when a sinner repents.

They sing praises to our God.

In the last day, they will come with the Lord.

On a white horse, Jesus will fly,

With the angels close by.

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