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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Children- An Impressionable Age

The joy and innocence of a child is something beautiful and such a blessing to witness. We can all aspire to be like them in many ways. Children are innocent but are at an impresssionable age.  They absorb information like a sponge.  They are easily influenced and do things that they observe.  If a child sees someone stealing, they will think it is perfectly acceptable until someone tells them that it is wrong.  Innocence of a child is precious and many can learn from them.  They do not judge, love others without question and do not try to hurt or defraud others.  But innocence doesn't remain in a child forever. They become older, and their innocence is lost.

Many parents strive to help their child to be a successful, productive citizen with a good career and a happy family. I want to teach mine to respect authority, love others, and give to others. The only way to insure this is to teach them the right path that they should take. So when they are older, they will not depart from this. Please keep in mind the condition our world is in. Everything in today's society is an influence.  Either an influence of things that are right or things that impact us negatively.

One day our children will grow up to be lawyers, presidents and doctors. Physicians have to make life and death decisions everyday.  There are many that are decent but some are in the medical field just for filthy lucre. Look at some of our past presidents.  We have had only a select few that you could say had moral standards.

Parents, now is the time to take notice of what your child is looking at on the internet and television or listening to on the radio.  What type of children's books is your child reading. Reading plays a big role in learning and therefore influences your child.  Children might read an inspirational book about giving and it might encourage them to be more giving.  A child's characteristics are shaped by their surroundings and other outside influences.

Now is the time to set the example and help mold your child into an honorable individual.   I am urging you to be involved in your  child's life. A child left to his own, will bring his parents to shame.

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