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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Book: Gwendolyn's Wish

My book Gwendolyn's Wish is now released and ready to be ordered.  I  want to fill you in a little on what Gwendolyn's Wish is about.  It's a children's book about a young girl who receives a special friend who can grant wishes. It is a cute story that any child would love. It teaches about good values and gives a child understanding on what is the real meaning of friendship.  It teaches a child not to seek after beauty or riches, but on other things that are more important.
I got the idea from a dream I had.  It has some good principles added to it. I believe the best book for a child, should help mold them into the right individual they will become, as they get older.
Order Gwendolyn's Wish Now 
Also Available on Nook and Kindle.

Gwen is a homely young girl with no friends until she meets her neighbor, Zahara. She soon discovers Zahara has a secret. Zahara has a parrot that can grant wishes. She tells Gwen about her special friend and instructs her on how to acquire her own special companion. Unsure of the truthfulness of what she was told, Gwen goes home and follows Zahara’s instructions. Soon, she receives her very own parrot. He can grant wishes too. He tells her to think hard, about what she wants her first wish to be. So she goes home to think about her wish. She decides she doesn’t want beauty, because beauty wasn’t everything. Then, she decides that she doesn’t want to ask for riches, because money and wealth wasn’t everything. The next day, she tells her parrot her wish. Even though her wish is a tall order, he grants her all her wish, because he wants her to love him, and she does. They become friends forever.

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