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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I recently posted on Twitter: Authors, keep in mind the condition are world is in. Are you influencing it the right way, or the wrong way.  Most authors don't think about what they are actually printing, or maybe they don't care.  I hope that what I write will always influence someone in a good way; to make man a better person, not a wicked one.  

It seems like now is the time, that people want to read about sex, vampires, witchcraft, and so on.  But, now is the time to write about good values, loving others, caring about others, good verses evil.  

My son recently joined the Air Force.  I pray everyday, that I influence him in the best way I could.  I wanted to teach him good values and show him how to respect authority, love others, and be a positive influence for others.   After visiting him after basic training, I saw a person I could be proud of.  Other trainees were coming up to me and telling me how my son made a stressful situation better.  I saw a respectful, courteous, decent young man graduate, and I was so proud of him. 

Christian first, then fiction author. I look at what I write to see if it will influence children in a negative way. If it does, then I will not publish it.

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