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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Watch what you buy at the book store.

I went to Books A Million to buy my son a English to Japanese Dictionary and bought a book for myself.  Now again, a perfect example of an author writing for profit.  The cover was interesting and it was about the Restoration Period, which made it more appealing.  I got to the third chapter and got really upset.  The book talked about sodomy, and adultry.  I feel like going back and demanding my money back.  I know it's not there fault, its the authors for writing such an atrocious and offensive story.  After I bought it and headed to get my daughter from school, it was in the car.  She grabbed it and asked why I didn't buy her another book.  She looked at the front cover and handed it back to me, thank goodness she didn't read any of it.
I hope my stories will be decent and not be offensive to anyone.

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