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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Poem: My Heavenly Father

My Heavenly Father

God you taught me lots throughout the years,
You held me tight and calmed my fears,
You gave me love more than I can tell,
You raised me up when I fell,
Through your word, you taught me about the Lord,
You supplied all my needs and gave me more,
You gave me things I didn’t deserve,
Even when the Lord, I didn’t serve.
You guarded me, when I was sick,
You healed my body pretty quick,
You kept me safe by setting boundaries for me,
You helped me become all that I could be.
You kept me busy by giving me hard work to do,
So I wouldn’t serve sin, but to you I would stay true,
You taught me to become productive,
So, I could have the best life I could live.
You taught me about heaven and hell,
You did so much for me that words cannot tell.
I love you and thank you for all you did,
You loved me even though I was a hardheaded kid,
Because you were always there for me,
You are the best God, that you can be.

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