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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poem: Heaven

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,

What God has in Store for us,

He has given us a glimpse in his word,

Of his creation of the City of Gold.

So we have no need of the sun,

For God is the light of the city.

Not given to us, for what we’ve done.

But as a gift from Jesus, our Lord.

The city has twelve Gates.

They are entirely made of pearls,

For men of honor and godly traits,

God will wipe away their tears.

No fighting, cursing, sin or strife,

Only beauty unimaginable is there,

Clear as crystal is the river of life,

Proceeding out of the throne of God.

Twelve types of Fruit are on a tree,

From the Garden of Eden, The tree of life.

Sin has no hold, we are set free,

To live with God our Father up above,

Each foundation is made of precious stones,

For the city has twelve foundations,

There are many mansions, that each person owns,

God has given to us liberally and freely.

Up there a beautiful place it will be,

God has prepared and adorned Heaven for us,

All Christians will hear and see,

Well done, good and faithful servant.




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