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Friday, September 21, 2012

Poem: The King's Plan

The King's Plan

Long ago and way up high,

Far away in the deep blue sky,

Lived a king that was always there,

Who built a kingdom on earth from thin air,

He formed everything from his own word,

When he spoke it just occured,

Light and creature, Woman and Man,

The starts and sun, water and land,

From his voice it came to be,

His power and might for all the world to see,

But then one day he repented of his work,

An evil angel came to earth to lurk,

In the garden, he deceived the woman and man,

Because God’s Heaven, he was forever ban,

Woman, then Man started to Sin,

Then Sin became known to all men,

From those that were living came lust and desires,

Drunkards, then thieves, cheaters then liars,

The king repented of all that he had made,

A flood of waters came and on the earth it stayed,

Only eight men were spared that day,

Not from his choosing, but from his dismay,

So after forty days the waters dried,

Then Noah and his family left their ark of a ride,

To live and Dwell on the earth again,

For them to be fruitful and multiply was God’s plan.



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