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Friday, September 14, 2012

Writing About the South-Alabama

     In my book, "Southern Adventures", I write about living in the south.  It is where I grew up and where I love to live.  I have traveled to different parts of the country and have lived in a northern state before, and nothing gives me the feeling of enjoyment like living in Alabama.  Many people have wrote stories and movies about Alabama and how people are goofy, redneck, and can I say frankly, idiots.  Alabama is nothing like what people say.  We may speak a little slower and use words that are different and have a different type of accent than anyone else, but Alabama residents are some of the brightest and toughest people in the world. First, look at our football team.  ALABAMA-roll tide.  We have been number one how many times?  Too many to name.  AUBURN is a team from Alabama and they have won the national title not to long ago.  I am definately an Alabama fan, but Auburn has a great team too. 
      There has got to be something to the fact that people love to talk about Alabama.  Look at the movies, "Sweet Home Alabama", "Crazy in Alabama",  "My Cousin Vinny", "Big Fish" to name a few.  Then look at the books written about Alabama, "Southern Adventures", To Kill A Mockingbird", "Stars Fell on Alabama", "Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs", to name a few.
     Writing about the South is a pleasure, because Alabama is full of history, culture, and beauty.  Famous historical sites include: Ivy Green-Helen Keller's birthplace, Fort Morgan, Tuskegee Institute, the USS Alabama, Dexter Avenue Baptist church where Martin Luther King Jr served as pastor, and many more to name.
     Great places to visit are: The Space and Rocket Center, Point Mallard, Splash Adventure, Ave Maria Grotto, Desoto Caverns National Park, Talladega Super speedway, Noccalulua Falls Park, Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, Rickwood Caverns to name a view.
     As an author, I have learned to write about things I know.  Living in Alabama is what I know and I will forever write about it.  Some of my stories may talk about the south in a funny way, but that is what is so great about it.  Southern people are the greatest to write about because they are humorous and crazy and don't mind the little things.

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