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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lionheart is a historical fiction young adult/adult fiction book about a king that went through trials and tribulations to regain his rightful place as the king of England.  His time was not always glamorous and easy due to his tumultuous relationship with his father.  His friendship with another young prince proved to his advantage.  He overcome all obstacles in his quest as Crusader for the name of Christianity.  See a blurp from my new book: Richard the Lionheart. To order:

From an early age, Richard had an antagonistic relationship with his father, the king. Both were headstrong and stubborn and not willing to surrender or yield in their convictions or ideas about anything. King Henry II of England hated his son Richard, and was determined that he would create a life that would be arduous and unbearable for him. He made Richard do things that were demeaning for a son of the king. Richard had to help the servants clean the castle, help with its repairs, and collect monies due to the kingdom.

Richard’s mother, Eleanor, was a lot like Richard. They had a close bond that the king despised and loathed. She stood up to the king and always took Richard’s side for everything, whether he was right or wrong. Henry was jealous of their relationship and it made him despise his son all the more.

Henry favored his youngest son, John because he was more obedient and he submitted to his father’s rule. Henry wanted to give John portions of lands, such as Aquitaine, which should have gone to Richard because he was much older. Aquitaine had been part of Eleanor’s heritage, and she felt that she had the right to decide on who would gain power over it. Eleanor had become queen of France when she was married to King Louis VII. With this marriage she gained certain lands and her inheritance.

Lands were usually the birthright of the oldest son. Henry’s oldest son had become king and was only fifteen years old. Unfortunately, young Henry had died at an early age, and the throne of England was given back to the king. Henry II had refused to give his son power over England, including a portion of lands that he should have inherited. Henry had continued to usurp authority over his son, and made decisions regarding the country without consulting him.

Queen Eleanor, daughter of William, Duke of Guienne, had gained Aquitaine when she was only fifteen years old. Henry and Eleanor feuded constantly over who was to inherit Aquitaine. They both had strong temperaments, which was what had first attracted Henry to Eleanor. She was eleven years older, but he loved her to a great extent.

It so happened that Queen Eleanor engaged one night, in a romantic liaison with King Louis VII of France, her first husband, to get back at Henry. She was tired of him trying to control her and what she did with her lands. The king found out about his wife’s adulterous affair, and decided that making her son work as a slave would be punishment enough. So he called upon his personal Frankish consociate and friend, and asked him to offer Richard to the Franks as a slave. The Franks did not question the king, for they knew he was an irrational man, and no one dared question his command. Usually whatever King Henry wanted, he obtained without considering how it would affect others.

Richard loved his father the king and couldn’t comprehend why he would surrender him over to the people that he hated the most.

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