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Monday, March 10, 2014

Family is more Precious than Gold

In this lifetime not many things matter.  Riches, fame, possessions doesn't matter as much as family.  To be able to share your love and receive love from your family means more than gold to me.  My son is in Japan and has been gone for 2 years.  He is expected to return to the US in June.  He will be stationed in Maryland which is still a 10 or 11 hour drive.  As I look around and see other families which are full with children, grandchildren I long to see my whole family reunited again.  When I was younger I didn't fully understand the meaning of family.  I look at Abraham in Genesis how God promised to multiply his seed.  Abraham didn't have any children of his own at this time.  I can presume to guess he must have been longing for children to call his own. 

I know I have been blessed.  I know there are others who haven't been able to have children.  I pray that God would bless you with a large family.  We must never forget that one day God will call his family home to be with him.  If you are a Christian you are part of God's family. So don't ever think that no one love you because God does. Remember to tell your children and family about God and his love for them.  What a wonderful day that will be when we are all united with our extended family in Heaven.

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