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Monday, February 24, 2014

Top 20 Writing Resources for Writers

Here is a list of Writing Resource Sites that might help writers to improve on their writing skills. Keep in mind that most colleges have free writing resources listed on their websites that might help you; including The School of Visual Arts, Empire State College, Harvard, Amherst, William and Mary, etc...
  1. Writers Advice
  2. The Creative Pen
  3. Be a Better Writer
  4. Get Published Now
  5. Copywriting 101
  6. Memories and Memoirs
  7. Organized Writer
  8. Self Editing Blog
  9. The Editorial Department
  10. Daily Writings
  11. Easy Site Starter
  12. Tiny Lights
  13. The Thinker's Net
  14. The Scriptorium
  15. Whisper Poetry
  16. Women's Memoirs
  17. Writers Write
  18. The Silver's Pen
  19. Time 4 Writing
  20. Writing Resource Center
I am in no way affiliated with any of these websites and urge you to review these sites for yourself. This List has not been a part of any research or marketing poll.

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