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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

- Discipling Christian Believers: The Other Side

- Discipling Christian Believers: The Other Side:

The Other Side

This earth is where I reside,
but Heaven will be where I abide.
I am passing through to the other side.
Teaching others and being their guide,
Saints will enter Heaven when they’ve died,
If they are loving and repent when they have lied.
On our journey, Jesus will be one day be by our side,
Heaven will rejoice and the gates will be opened wide.
Love unending, joy fulfilling, peace indwelling, teary eyed.
Jesus will be standing there and we will always be at his side.
No more pain, sorrow or hurt, no more boasting, no more pride.
The Lord will gather the church, and usher it forth as a chosen bride.

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