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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

4 Ways to Blast Off Your Writing Skills Through Action

     You have heard from some people that one word at a time then one sentence then one paragraph; well you see my point by now.  Some will tell you to start off slow, that works for some but what about the ones that have multiple ideas in their heads that they want to get down on paper.  My first suggestion is to sit down and brainstorm, write down as many things, topics, words as you can and write them as fast as you can.  They don't have to fully make sense in formable sentences but now you have an approach,  You can use that sheet of words and ideas and go from there.  Start a new page and start writing.  I wouldn't do any deletions until you have completed your first couple of chapters.
     Second of all, motivate yourself and commit to something. You can say, I will write 1000 words down on paper before I get up.  Set a goal of writing, not a time frame that you will sit there.  If you say you will stay at your writing for thirty minutes, that may not help you, especially when you are answering phone calls, playing with your animals, or simply daydreaming.  You need to set a writing time frame, perhaps three chapters or a specific word count.
     Next, use your brainstorming sheet to form new ideas, new chapters.  Create an outline of how your story will go.  You may write down characters and what they will do in the story.  You might write down the plot in an outline.  That way you know how your story will go before you get there.  You may begin the story about a woman at the beach.  Then the plot may thicken and she comes up missing. Then later on someone finds clues to what happened to her.  Then the end of the story may reveal the answer.
     Last of all the blast off with your writing would be use a computer not just notes on paper.  That way you can begin the story, create maybe an ending and you have ways to move that ending to the end without having to rewrite your whole story on paper.  You can write any part of your story that you want to.  Not every writer writes in chronological order.  One might write the ending first, The thing is write and you will have your story written before long.  For more writing tips, visit 'The Writing Coach'.

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