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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Artistic Expression of Writing

Writing is a form of art because it is creative expression on paper.  Art itself evokes creative expression whether on paper by painting, creating a sculpture of clay or taking photographs in an artistic fashion.  Writers often express their creativity on paper by making up rhyming words; jotting down words and sentences into a form of story that awakens the senses.  A great writer can make the reader feel a certain way where they may begin to cry or laugh out loud. Writers can form characters out of nothing where the one reading it will become in love with them or become inspired by their giving nature.  

A great writer is one who writes, rewrites, and examines every word, every sentence and syllable; never fully appreciating the finished work. She or He is always striving to perfect it in some way or another. They not only want words on paper, but harmony -symphony of sounds that the words make as they are uttered out loud. Writers are composers that are usually thinking of the next piece of composition in the back of their heads--- breathing in and out until they are able to begin the process all over again.

Written by Tracy Kauffman
The Writers Coach

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