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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wisdom Comes With Age


I used to think my family was crazy when I was younger.  I didn't realize the wisdom they had about pretty much everything.  When we are young, we think we know everything.  We think we don't need any advice from anyone, especially our parents.  Now that I am older, I realize that wisdom truly does come with age.  A person who is 45 has lived 45 years and has been through so much more than a person who is 25 years old.  They have seen things that a younger person hasn't.  They have had experiences that only comes from age.  So if you are a teenager, it is okay to listen to your elders.  It is okay to get some advice, because more than likely they will not steer you the wrong way.  

One of my paintings is of a Farm with a cow and duck.  It is primitive looking but it brings back the simple days when people grew their own foods and milked their own cows.  Times were harder back then, which brought on much more experiences.  It made people stronger, reliable and more respectful.  Those were simpler days when people sat on the porch and enjoyed the peace and quite.  So I hope this painting inspires you to try to respect the simple things in life. 

If interested in seeing this painting or other works, click here.

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