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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interview With Sarwah Osei-Tutu

1. What type of books do you write?
I write poetry, about my life, children, predictions, just about anything that can happen on a particular day to a year. Sometimes, they stem from feelings that I have or used to have at a given point.


2. What is the latest book you have written?
THE HIGHS, the lows, The Inbetweens is a book of poetry written at each stage of my life. Childhood, University Student, Mother, Married, Separation and a Single Mother. Life is tough for everyone. I believe that everyone has struggled through one aspect of their life, others every aspect. I do have faith that one day, it will get better and the journey will end with a stronger, wiser woman at the end of it.

3. Is it part of a series, if so which one?
It is not part of a series.


4. When did you start writing?
When I was 3 years old. Poetry, I am not sure, the exact timing, I do know, that I have several poems which were written but developed in my late 20´s.

5. Why did you start writing?
Expressing myself, on paper helps combact my fears and anxieties, I enjoy it and I take time out to do it. When I take this time out, I feel relieved and excited at the end of it. In the short two months, the book has been released, the response has been tremendous, and has edged me to compose all my poetry into more books.

6. Who are your influences?
My influences are within my family from my mother to my aunts. Outside these influences they stem from Oprah Winfrey to Maya Angelou. Strong females, who stride to help others, due to the heartache and pain they have experienced in life. I find that very inspirational.

7. What can we expect from you in the near future? Book signing events, other details.My book should be in hard format by February/March 2013, at the moment it is only an eBook. The next book of poetry, I have written is called Just Me. Yet, to be published. I want to produce hard copies of my first book prior to releasing the next one, hard copies will be produced by February 2013. It will be followed by Moments, and Untitled. Currently, I am reciting my poems, for radio stations, that have approached me due to seeing my blog, which has been very exciting. Also, I am applying for poetry competitions. I am constructing a book signing tour from the UK, US and Canada, I will be formalising dates in the next few weeks, all details will be on my blog.

Twitter: Sarwah2012

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